Barossa Cider Co takes out a double win at the 2021 Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards

December 1, 2021

Barossa Cider Co are thrilled to announce their Squashed Apple Cider was awarded ‘Best Cider

in Show’, ‘Best South Australian Cider Exhibit’ and the Gold Medal at the 2021 Royal Adelaide

Beer and Cider Awards.

This follows up Barossa Cider Co’s success at the last Cider Australia Awards, in 2019, taking out

the 3 major Trophies for Best in Show, Best Australian Cider, Best New World Cider and the

Gold Medal with a score of 97 points for it’s Squashed Apple Cider.

Barossa Cider Co’s other products, Squashed Pear and Squashed Cloudy Cider were both

awarded Silver Medals.

“As a family owned business, established in 2013, we are really proud our ciders have

consistently been awarded these accolades,” said Oscar Bowen, Co-Owner and Director.

“Our aim when we started this business was to produce the best possible easy drinking cider

that would appeal to a broad demographic using only 100% SA grown Apples and Pears, and we

are extremely proud to receive this validation of what we originally set out to achieve.”

Barossa Cider Co Squashed Apple Cider – Gold Medal

‘Best Cider in Show’

‘Best South Australian Cider Exhibit’

Barossa Cider Co Pear Cider – Silver Medal

Barossa Cider Co Cloudy Cider – Silver Medal

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