Pär Wahl

My passion for wine started when working in the service industry in my youth. I’ve been very fortunate being able to make a living out of my passion.Over the last 12 years working on the international arena as Export Manager with companies such as The Hess Family Wine Estates and E&J Gallo.Being part of the Pure Wine Co export team is home to me. Australia has always had a very special place in my heart and to be back working with some of the best wines in the country makes my job really easy.When I’m not drinking wine, I ride my bike, go to the alps to ski, and play golf. Two out of three can be combined with my passion.I have been asked to mention a favourite wine in the portfolio, now that’s a difficult one given what I have to choose from.But I’ll pick a wine based on value and I’ll go for the Kaesler Avignon. This is the best GSM I’ve tried, and I have tried a few